It’s the fourth demonstration of BAERGIDA, the Berlin offshoot of or Patriots Against the Islamization of the West. The Anti-Islam ...


A military analyst in New York says unmanned aerial aircraft (UAV) that are operated domestically inside the US have the potential to be “extremely dangerous” and must be regulated. ... Full story
The aftermaths of the recent attacks in Paris on an office of Charlie Hebdo satirical publication continue. While the world has already become united in condemning the violence, criticisms are also emerging against what many believe is a blatant manipulation of what occurred in Paris against Muslims. This, they say, is specifically visible through a recent boost in the anti-terrorism rhetoric by global powers that followed the Charlie Hebdo massacre. ... Full story
Press TV has conducted an interview with William Spring, a political commentator from London, about Pentagon’s plan to deploy about 1,000 troops to train the ... Full story
The rise of ISIL has offered the United States “a pretext for the launch of a new era of endless war” in the region, says Dirk Adriaensens of BRussells Tribunal. ... Full story
Some US analysts say the new leadership in Saudi Arabia will only “temporarily” rule over the country amid “broad discontent” with the royal family in a period of uncertainty. ... Full story


25th of January this year marks the fourth anniversary of the start of Egypt’s popular revolution that saw the downfall of long-time dictator, Hosni Mubarak. Four years on, and one has to wonder if there is anything left to celebrate. What started as an energized grass-roots youth movement has been met with a fierce counter-revolution, gradually dismantling the ideals of the revolution. ... Full story
Muslims, their leaders, scholars and politicians, have been asked, nay demanded, infinite times to speak out about extremism, terrorism, or whatever other –ism currently incorrectly associated with Islam. Ayatollah Khamenei has just responded to that call in an open letter, albeit not in a manner that fits in with the current and popular narrative about Islam. He did not, as was likely desired, apologize for the religion, or for Muslims. ... Full story
One of the most significant feature films in recent years was released to a broad audience on Jan. 9 in the United States. The handling of the Paramount picture has generated controversy due to the apparent racism prevalent in the awards committees that determine which production gains the coveted prices. ... Full story
In Syria, an Israeli helicopter strike murdered General Mohammad Allahdadi and five other members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Meanwhile, in the American Midwest, professional killers slaughtered anti-New World Order filmmaker David Crowley, his wife, Komel, and their 5-year-old daughter – employing the same modus operandi used in the killing of 9/11 truth author Philip Marshall two years ago. ... Full story
The Middle East is reeling from an Israeli attack in Syria’s Quneitra region, in the Golan Heights, that killed several Hezbollah commanders. ... Full story
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