Turkish women have had the right to vote and to be elected since 1934, and the following year a pioneering ...


Press TV has interviewed Fred Weir, a journalist and political commentator, from Moscow, to discuss the talks in Geneva over the crisis in Ukraine. ... Full story
Press TV has conducted an interview with Hisham Jaber, retired major general from Beirut, about the Syrian army making more gains in its fight against foreign-backed militants in the country, and defeating them in three towns in the strategic Qalamoun region. ... Full story
Israel plans to create a new coalition with rich Arab countries in the Middle East to go into a "direct confrontation" with the resistance front from Iran to Lebanon, a political analyst tells Press TV. ... Full story
Press TV has conducted an interview with Redwan Rizk, a political commentator from Beirut, about Israeli Foreign Minister saying Tel Aviv is holding secret talks with some Arab countries including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in an effort to create diplomatic relations to unite against Iran. ... Full story
Press TV has conducted an interview with Ben Rawlence, former African researcher for HRW about Ethiopian farmer Mr. O who is suing Britain for funding human rights abuses in Ethiopia via its aid program. ... Full story


What does “democracy” mean? To US leaders, it means overthrowing other people’s governments. ... Full story
The ditching of Saudi Prince Bandar as the oil kingdom's spymaster does not portend a retreat by Saudi Arabia from its covert dirty wars or its hard-line anti-Shia hostility. ... Full story
A controversy is swirling in Australia involving a former foreign minister and the country’s influential Zionist lobby. ... Full story
The Palestinian Authority (PA) is experiencing a multi-faceted crisis at all levels these days. There is, of course, the chronic deadlock in the so-called peace-talks with Israel. Indeed, after more than 20 years of futile and fruitless talks, the PA leadership in Ramallah should have realized a long time ago the utter pointlessness of "negotiating peace" with the Zionist entity while the latter continues rather frantically to pursue the policy of lebensraum at the expense of Palestinians. ... Full story
How does Washington get away with the claim that the country it rules is a democracy and has freedom? This absurd claim ranks as one of the most unsubstantiated claims in history. ... Full story
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