French President Francois Hollande received Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in advance of Palestine’s expected request for statehood at the ...


Press TV has conducted an interview with Nader Baqerzadeh, a professor at the University of California, from Irvine, to discuss Iran's nuclear issue. ... Full story
Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor of Veterans Today, Atlanta about Russia’s key strategy to improve relations with Asian countries due to Western sanctions. ... Full story
Press TV has conducted an interview with Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today from Ohio, about the United States saying it will not coordinate future airstrikes on ISIL terrorists inside Syria despite warnings by Damascus that any unauthorized strike on its soil is an act of aggression. ... Full story
A former US ambassador to Ankara has accused Turkey of directly supporting al-Qaeda’s terrorist activities in Syria. ... Full story
Press TV has conducted an interview with Mohamed Qubaty, former Yemen Ambassador to Lebanon and Cyprus, from London, to discuss the situation in the Yemen. ... Full story


Following defeat in this week's historic referendum, Scottish nationalist leader Alex Salmond vowed that his nation would continue its fight for independence and that there would be no going back to "business-as-usual politics". ... Full story
A funny thing happened on the way to dystopia. ... Full story
It is never a hyperbole to call the latest genocidal onslaught by Israel on the Gaza Strip a holocaust. The level of death and destruction inflicted by the Judeo-Nazi state, aka Israel, is more than shocking, to say the very least. It simply defies linguistic description. ... Full story
If the ISIL terror group is indeed a Western military intelligence proxy, then that begs the question: are the beheadings of Western hostages being carried out on orders from Washington and London? ... Full story
They are beginning to arrive at Shatila Palestinian camp in Beirut this weekend. ... Full story
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